Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cricut Cake

If you are looking for help making your own wedding cake (OK ladies, I admit, this one is WAY beyond me!) You might want to consider investing in one of these Cricut Cake machines. There are two models, one for home use, one for bakers considering using it professionally. I'd love to have one to use just to make lace edging for a wedding cake or for the winter bride there are some great snowflake designs. Investigate the different cartridges available and the difference in the machines before investing in the machine. Talk to the specialist at your local craft store and find out what their experience with the machines has been. If you purchase a Cricut Cake machine and cartridges with the intent of starting your own cake design business, check local regs on starting any food-related business, also read Provo Craft's policies on the use of licensed cartridges (i.e., Disney) for resale purposes. Disney takes a dim view of using their images for resale. Best of luck! Email me your creations and I'll happily post them, or post your experiences with using the machine.

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