Tuesday, May 24, 2011

DIY Lace Decoupage Vases

Title photo by Rob Brinson for BHG

Remaking boring old vases into delicate looking lace decoupaged centerpieces is an easy DIY wedding project.  (My VERY FAVORITE KIND!) It's an easy way for the bride to make her own floral centerpieces without breaking the bank.  

Simple directions for how to make these lacy centerpieces is on Urban Comfort's web site.  Some Modge Podge and some lace or lacy materal and an old vase are all you neeed to create this feminine cemtepieces perfect for a wedding or wedding shower. 

I can see using this on napkin rings as well to pull together your table design. Why pay to rent a lacy tablecloth when you can have the look of lace by simply adding it to your centerpieces or napkin rings.

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