Sunday, January 22, 2012

Faux Etched Candle Holders

DIY Stamped Candles Photo courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings

Like etched candle holders? If you like the look of etched glass and want an easy DIY candle project this is it. Get the look of etched glass on your candle holders by using a simple rubber stamp, white ink and some glass candle holders. 

For this project choose frosted glass candle holders, they will hold the ink the best and they have a classic yet classy look. Use a single stamp and stamp the design all over the candle holder, or choose your own design.

If you want to stamp your monogram on your candles, head to your local office supply store and order your own custom designed stamp.  Use this stamp to make your own stationary for thank you notes and other projects for both before and after your wedding. A great investment for any DIY'er. 

Place your faux glass etched candles in the middle of your tables as centerpieces or use them as accent pieces on your guest book table or other additional tabletops. 

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