Friday, January 13, 2012

Non-Traditional Centerpieces You Can Do Yourself

Photo courtesy of The Offbeat Bride Written and Devised by Dragon Lady

OK, yes, some of us are soooo tired of the usual floral monstrosities that grace the tables at weddings.  Half the time you can't even see the person sitting across from you.  Dragon Lady, guest posting on Offbeat Bride has solved that problem with her creative and LOW centerpieces.  Not only that, they are an easy DIY project for any bride. 

Depending on the size of your tables, make a decision on the size of bowl you want to use, then head to Home Depot for some easy to plant succulents.  (You may have a preferred source, go with it.)  Be sure to buy Succulent Soil Mix for this project to work.)  Read Dragon Lady's tutorial on Offbeat Bride.

I do love a creative bride who knows how to save money while expressing her inner self! Are you a bride who has a creative bent?  Tell us all about it!

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