Friday, January 27, 2012

Whipsy Whipped Cream Topping With Secret Ingredients

Photo courtesy of Whipsy website.

Want some interesting topping for food and drinks at your wedding?  Groupon in Philadelphia is offering this very cool whipped cream that packs a punch--a 27 proof punch!  The Party Pack (which requires the Groupon Code) offers three Whipsy bottles, one is every flavor, Ooh-La-La, the original, Loco Cocoa, and Hazey Hazelnut.  This offer is only good until February 15, 2012. Just in time for Valentine's Day Fun. 

Whipsy is dispensed just like your usual whipped cream in a can but it has alcohol infused into it! Blended with wine to 27 proof (13.5% alcohol by volume) be careful who you're handing this out to if you're having kids at your wedding!


Anonymous said...

Whipped Lightning is better.

Anonymous said...

Omg!! Had it at my friends wedding and everyone had a ton of fun with Whipsy!! The loco cocoa chocolate is my fav! Next wedding or party I'm bringing the Whipsy with me!!!